Graphic, web and game design

A short introduction

My name is Ben Jones, a web and game developer with specialities in CSS, HTML and Javascript.

I've worked in all aspects of production including audio, graphics, concepting, writing and code. My hobbies lie in gaming and coding, as well as creating pixel art and nifty little paper thingies. I am currently a professional front end developer.

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This game is available on Steam >>>

Tinykeep is an indie commerical game which has launched on Steam, where I worked alongside Phi Dinh of Phi games. My role in development was as writer for narrative and dialogue as well as gameplay concept and mechanics. It was displayed at EGX Rezzed, Update Show, Insomnia #51, Nordic Game, Radius Festival, EGX London and PlayExpo Manchester.

The publisher is Digital Tribe Games.

Piece Of Cake

It is available to play here on Gamejolt >>>

Piece of cake was made for gbjam 3, a gameboy themed game jam. Out of 237 entries it won 5th overall and second place for adherence to theme.

Hungry Hungry Overlords

This game is available to play here on Gamejolt >>>

This game was made for Ludum Dare 30, with the theme 'connected worlds'. I created the mechanics and artwork while a friend, (known online only as Pianohands) programmed the game in Unity. We worked at different timezones and as soon as I'd finished work on the graphics he'd pick them up and continue.

The interface shows the pressure of game jams. The result is an early experiment into what could one day be a very entertaining game mechanic.


This game is currently unavailable to play.

The very first game I made to test out my new javascript skills. As such it is rather clunky, but the gameplay was the main focus. The game is a platformer with a character much like Nintendo's 'Mr Game and Watch'.

To progress the player drops blocks onto spikes and builds stairs. The levels are infinte and navigable in both directions and all blocks are affected by gravity.


This game is currently unavailable to play.

Gridrock is a miniature puzzle game where you play a hungry dinosaur looking to eat ham. To get to the ham, you push boulders around a grid, which in turn creates tunnels, walls and blockades which will either impede or improve your progress as the dinosaur gets hungrier. As opposed to being frenzied, gameplay often requires a strong focus on strategy.


Sorry, this part is currently under construction. In the meantime, please email me at Ben [at] polyducks.co.uk